Letter of the day

From today’s El Paso Times’ letters to the editor:

I am so happy the Diablos are out of El Paso.

All of my life I have been trying to change their name to something decent; and of course, to honor God. Maybe now outsiders will change their minds of El Paso being a town, honoring the devil!

What I can’t understand is who gave them that name? Weren’t any Christian players on that team? Disgusting!

Esperanza Torres, Northeast El Paso

I, for one, am glad to see such heartfelt support for Triple A baseball in El Paso. Don’t worry, Christian lady! The forces of the devil have lost, and our system of representative democracy has won. (Those who still bleat, “We didn’t get to vote on the ballpark!” should Google the phrase “representative democracy.”) Soon, we will no longer be in league with evil, and we can cheer the Sun Dogs with good, Christian love in our heart.


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One Response to Letter of the day

  1. braves1978 says:

    I wonder what she thinks of DePaul University, a Roman Catholic school, and their mascot: the Blue Demon.

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