El Paso’s own Sherlock Holmes

One of my “inspirations” for starting to blog again is the sad state of a certain segment of the El Paso blogging scene. There is a small subset of writers, led by Martin Paredes, who engage almost exclusively in the politics of personal destruction. You won’t find much logic or relevant facts in their posts; what you will find is a lot of name calling and attempts to bring people down. (It is a helpful guide post, however. When a person is so threatened that he immediately resorts to calling people idiots, it’s a quick clue that the person likely doesn’t have a valid argument.)

Although I almost hate to provide a link, it is rather amusing to skip to the end of one of Martin’s recent posts and get a laugh about how much he gets owned in the comments. Even the ghost of Anson Mills gets in on the fun.

BUT, I’m trying to stay positive in this blog. Didn’t I just say I want to elevate the conversation in El Paso? So, let me say something good about Martin’s blogging. For one, his posts are very creative. And if you read them in the right mindset, they can be pretty enjoyable. You just have to read them something like a Sherlock Holmes story.

I was having trouble connecting the dots. Nothing seemed to fit. But it was then that I spied David K. having lunch at The Greenery with the second cousin, twice removed, of Cindy Crawford. That’s when it struck me: The Greenery! You know what else is green? Money! And Cindy Crawford … double C … what else starts with C? Corruption! David K. is corrupted by money! It’s elementary, dear Watson.

It can be good fun. But now that I got that out of my system, telling you about a blog you probably shouldn’t be reading, from here on out, I’ll stick to my stated mission of linking you to stuff you should be reading. The good stuff, coming soon.

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