Big Blue Horse coming to El Paso?


Apparently, Luis Jimenez’ striking Blue Horse at the Denver International Airport is eligible to be taken down soon.

And a Facebook page has been started, pitching the idea of El Paso buying the big blue horse and bringing it to El Paso.

Not a bad idea; I think the blue horse looks kind of bad ass. BUT we already have a big horse at the airport. How many big horses can we have around town? Maybe we can get a bunch and tie it into a new motto. “El Paso: Come and horse around.” Yeah, I know, kind of dumb, but I’m just spit-balling here. I’m going to leave the details up to you.

And while I’m pitching Facebook pages to like: This blog has one, too. Go like it.

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2 Responses to Big Blue Horse coming to El Paso?

  1. jrust2 says:

    I would be all for that since we lost Vaquero. It could go in the exact same spot.

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