Finding public servants in El Paso

The next time you are looking at your ballot, wondering why your choice has been reduced to picking between the feeble and the senile, you might contemplate this story in today’s El Paso Times: Former El Paso city Rep. Steve Ortega subpoenaed over emails

Why would anyone run for office in this town when faced with such harassment? Those seeking the e-mails have long since given up claiming their are going to find malfeasance. They received hundreds of emails and found nothing to complain about. Their reason for continuing to demand even more e-mails, now even delving into the personal? Because they can. They demand Ortega’s e-mails, not to find anything fishy on the ballpark, but because they can.

Consider, as well, the only person who has escaped this harassment. City rep. Carl Robinson can ignore it all because, in 2013, he has no personal email!

So that’s who you’ll get to vote for, folks. People who have no personal email. Probably no cell phone either. Boy, I can’t wait to hit the ballot box.

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