Twerking, ceiling tiles and Yahtzee

The poll results are in from one of my early posts, which asked what I should blog about. “El Paso politics” received the most votes of the choices listed. But “other” was the big winner, so I thought I’d go through some of those “other” suggestions today.

1. Twerking. Though I appreciate the suggestion, and I am a twerking expert, I’m not sure I’m ready to be the world’s twerking blogger. I’ll certainly attempt to keep my eye on the latest trends in twerking for you, though.

2. Ceiling tile installation. Sorry, I’m more of an expert in ceiling tile removal.

3. Just El Paso in general, not just politics. Done.

4. Whatever you want to blog about. Done and done.

5. Pissing off Miner fans with facts. Ha, ha, good suggestion. How about this fact: KU’s defense dominates in 34-7 trouncing of UTEP.

6. Tennis, Yahtzee and Oregon. So many interests, so little time.

There you have it. This is going to be quite a blog.

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One Response to Twerking, ceiling tiles and Yahtzee

  1. BG123 says:

    I think you have the potential of being THE world’s twerking blogger. If you had started this blog earlier, you could been THE Harlem Shake blogger as well.

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