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Here come the Chihuahuas! Thoughts from Jason Stadel

You might have wondered how I could ignore the obvious click bait of weighing in on the El Paso Chihuahuas. But, I try to keep my life positive, so I didn’t want to get into it with you spoilsports. Especially … Continue reading

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Thanks for the tax advice, Leeper

Did you get a load of the David Leeper column in today’s El Paso Times business section? He is outraged, OUTRAGED, that Obamacare will take from the rich and give to the poor. Or to put it more in his … Continue reading

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El Paso blogging scene

I finally got around to adding a Recommended El Paso Blogs page. You can check it out here. You’d think in a city our size, it would be a longer list. But I’m probably missing some. Let me know if … Continue reading

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Game Day for a Kansas Jayhawk (or UTEP Miner) football fan

A few people asked last week why there were no “Keys to the Game” from Pablo for UTEP’s football game against Tulsa. So, here’s what went down: Me: “Hey, Pablo, are you going to write up a Keys to the … Continue reading

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Chalk the Block

A gallery of photos from my trip with my daughter to Chalk the Block today. It was a great event. If you can make it Sunday, make sure to walk down to the pop-up galleries. They were very cool and … Continue reading

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Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Jay slowly goes insane Because the only treatment I’ve been using for the chigger bites I wrote about earlier has been scratching (not recommended), they’ve been getting worse. The mental strain of getting two hours of sleep each night as … Continue reading

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EPISD quietly names new PR executive director

At long last, three years after Berenice Zubia vacated the post of executive director of public relations for EPISD, the district has quietly given Renee de Santos the job. De Santos has been with the El Paso Independent School District … Continue reading

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