Happy Birthday, Martin!

And Happy Thanksgiving to everybody else!

Sorry, I again haven’t been able to write much lately. Got back from Korea just long enough to get a little work done before taking a Thanksgiving week holiday with the family in Dallas. Be back soon.

But while I was gone, I apparently was very busy. You have to check out the comments thread in this post by Martin Paredes. Martin, as usual, gets owned by a number of commentators. But the fun really starts when he accuses them all of being me!

It appears Martin may be a little obsessed with me. I feel somewhat responsible. Perhaps I led Martin on a bit by writing that I liked the nifty graphics on his site. But, I’m sorry Martin; I am a happily married man. Our relationship can go no further.

I do like the thought of what it means for me and Martin’s blog if all those comments are from me. For me, it means, instead of being a lazy dilettante spending the holiday week with family in Dallas watching “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” 100 times and eating too much turkey and pie, I’ve actually been busy tearing apart Martin’s posts under a bunch of different pseudonyms. I’m a hard-working man!

And for his blog, it means the only ones reading it are him and me. I produce every negative comment, and the few positive comments are obviously posted by him. Hilarious!

Though I’d love to keep up the illusion that I am behind all the great comments burning up Martin, I suppose it wouldn’t be fair to Anson and the others. I shouldn’t take credit for their work, as much as I’d like to.

Anson, for one, finally got tired of me getting all the credit for his posts, so he started his own blog. Check out Anson Mills, El Paso Surveyor, the latest addition to the El Paso blogging scene! Welcome to the fun, Anson!

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday, Martin!

  1. ansonmills says:

    Thanks, Jay (or me)! I’m honored to be part of the club.

  2. Angie says:

    Paredes is a mean, evil troll who should be deported.

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