Sports talk

Before we get to our regularly scheduled post, let us first give a moment of silence to the political career of Eddie Holguin. 2005-2014. RIP.

Thank you.

UTEP basketball

Now on to the UTEP Miners men’s and women’s basketball teams. First, the Lady Miners are pretty good, if you haven’t been paying attention. They beat a good Kansas State program by 45 points, before taking out Northern Arizona by 49. They are 7-0, and take on NMSU tomorrow night in Las Cruces. The Lady Miners beat NMSU by 25 points in El Paso back on Nov. 12. Time to jump on the bandwagon.

Now, let’s talk about the UTEP men’s basketball team. At 4-4, I think it’s time to jump off that bandwagon, but let’s take a look at some of the debates I’ve seen on Twitter and elsewhere.

Pro: Yeah, they lost to NMSU twice, but NMSU is pretty good this year.

Con: Really? It’s NMSU. An NMSU team that already has two losses, none to UTEP.

Pro: They lost to #2-ranked Kansas by only 4 points, holding phenom Andrew Wiggins to only 6 points. That has to mean something.

Con: It means they were playing a young Kansas team that still likes to play with its food a little. Kansas was up 15-2 early and led by 14 points late. The Jayhawks then toyed with their food for a bit, but make no mistake, UTEP was still just food.

Pro: Yeah, they got destroyed by Iowa, but that was an off night.

Con: An off-night for a good team means they lose by a bit, maybe lose a game they should have won. An off-night for a bad team means you lose by 36 to Iowa.

Pro: They beat a good Tennessee team.

Con: You win this one, UTEP fans. That was a good win. It showed that UTEP has enough coaching to take out a team that is poorly coached. Tim Floyd should have them winning those battles most of the time.

It also allowed UTEP to play three TV games for a national audience. That ended up being a bad thing against Iowa, but probably more people watched them put up a fight against Kansas.

But one good win up against three bad losses (NMSU twice and Iowa; Kansas was a morale victory) isn’t good enough.

Jay’s stressful week

I’m going to be a little on edge this week. The Missouri Tigers are in the SEC Championship, which is bad enough. But if they win, they might play for the national championship. Missouri in any championship is against everything I stand for.

Luckily, Karma seems to always agree (i.e. Colorado’s extra down, Nebraska’s kicked ball touchdown). If Kansas doesn’t take Missouri out, Karma always does. That’s why they’ve never played in a BCS bowl in football or made the Final Four in basketball. The world stands against Missouri.

And with Auburn getting so many breaks this year, it’s easy to see they will end Missouri’s run.

But I’m still a little worried.

Blog recommendation

And I’ll round off this sports-themed post with a blog recommendation. Some of you may remember the guest post here from Jason Stadel, who wrote about the fun promotions the El Paso Chihuahuas can have when they start playing baseball in April. Well Jason has a blog you can read here: The Stadel Report.

Lately, he’s been focused on the run his son’s team made in youth baseball. But he writes a lot about baseball in general. I really enjoyed his post about why there aren’t any left-handed catchers in the Major Leagues.

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2 Responses to Sports talk

  1. Jon says:

    And don’t forget about Tyus Edney!

  2. Jay Koester says:

    Tyus Edney! LOL, Missouri sucks at life.

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