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The 10 Best Hikes/Geocaches in El Paso’s Franklin Mountains

I originally thought I’d do a post about the 10 best geocaches in El Paso. But, I decided that most of my favorite geocaches revolve around hiking. There are some pretty good geocaches in El Paso that wouldn’t make my … Continue reading

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Hiking in Quitman Pass

With Jason slowing down over at Basecamp El Paso, (Though his work was recently featured on Huffington Post.) I guess it’s time for me to step up my hiking game. I woke up early Sunday morning and drove out to … Continue reading

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The most disgusting post you’ll ever read on this blog (I hope)

Or, “How I discovered another reason to love El Paso.” The family and I had a great week in Kansas last week, visiting family, watching Kansas football lose another game, hitting a renaissance festival, the usual. Early in the week, … Continue reading

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Check out Basecamp El Paso

One of the best new blogs in our fair city is Basecamp El Paso. Those of us who enjoy hiking and climbing in the Franklin Mountains sometimes can have a hard time explaining why. Walking around in 90 degree weather … Continue reading

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He’s back

It’s been a long road, but I’ve decided to blog again. Part of what had kept me away is that I have too many interests to do a one-theme blog. It is de rigueur these days that a blog has … Continue reading

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