EPISD quietly names new PR executive director

At long last, three years after Berenice Zubia vacated the post of executive director of public relations for EPISD, the district has quietly given Renee de Santos the job.

De Santos has been with the El Paso Independent School District all along, in the job of spokesperson.

So, good for her. It’s been a long road. De Santos was there last year when they bypassed her and named Vincent Perez as the interim executive director until he started his term as County Commissioner.

And she was there when the district paid $13,000 to an outside agency for public relations advice.

And she was there through the years the district paid Montoya PR $258,000 to help with public relations.

Somehow, she survived all that, chugging along as the spokesperson, and eventually slid on up to the executive director position. It does make you wonder why it didn’t happen sooner, though, huh? Especially with the amazing evasion and disappearance skills she showed when Joshua Zuber over at KFOX started to ask some tough questions:

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3 Responses to EPISD quietly names new PR executive director

  1. Trish says:

    Posted on Oct. 10, 2013? I’m not sure you will be first.

  2. brownfield says:

    More like propaganda minister. All EPISD knows in my 15 years here is how to lie, cover up, and deny. I would like to know what happened to Dr. Tanner who was the principal at Austin High. I have heard that he and others have lost their credentials from the state and have been removed. If true, were they fired? Allowed to Resign? Did they get a buyout? How much were they given? Maybe it’s all gossip, I dont know and the local media certainly will not report on it until EPISD issues a press release. I also wonder about the media reports of the new superintendent contract. Were those additional items really a monthly stipend? Car, Home office, and cell? The cell and home office looked like they should have been a once a year amount, certainly not monthly and 1500 dollars a month for a car seems excessive unless he is going to buy a sports car. If those monthly amounts are accurate I wonder why the media hasnt questioned that in light of his and his family working in the fields to educate the children of migrant workers, how does he rationalize such excessive compensation for himself when he personally knows the suffering of the working poor? I have more questions about what the new super plans on doing to eradicate the culture of corruption that engulfs EPISD. Will he require administrators and central office people to take an ethics training course? It seems to me he mentioned a lot about teacher training, but teachers had nothing to do with any of the illegal and immoral stuff that has occurred within EPISD. Speaking of immoral, will EPISD ever require its central office or campus administrators to take a morality course? Lord knows that might have been helpful in the past. I have lots more, but will refrain at this time.

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