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Some links for you sinners

It’s an ICYMI day here at It’s All Hood, El Paso. First up, the El Paso Times had a good Sunday piece, Payday-lending official: Borrowers responsible for their decisions. Everything about it was fascinating, and it says a lot about … Continue reading

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Art house movies … what have I missed?

My wife and I watched “Before Midnight” (Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy) last weekend and it reminded me how much I miss the art house movie scene. I had started to think great movies like “Before Midnight” just didn’t get made … Continue reading

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The 10 Best Hikes/Geocaches in El Paso’s Franklin Mountains

I originally thought I’d do a post about the 10 best geocaches in El Paso. But, I decided that most of my favorite geocaches revolve around hiking. There are some pretty good geocaches in El Paso that wouldn’t make my … Continue reading

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Oh, you flatter me, Brownfield

I don’t know enough about Brownfield’s politics or blog yet to know whether I should be linking to him. But, God bless him, he called me skinny. Brownfield really knows how to make a girl swoon. No one has called … Continue reading

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Hiking in Quitman Pass

With Jason slowing down over at Basecamp El Paso, (Though his work was recently featured on Huffington Post.) I guess it’s time for me to step up my hiking game. I woke up early Sunday morning and drove out to … Continue reading

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Republican party bankruptcy, and the way forward

In Time Magazine this week, Mike Murphy gleefully declares Obamacare a complete disaster that will win the Republicans elections for years. Here’s the column. Murphy is pretty excited about his team. But then he moves on to what Republicans need … Continue reading

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Holiday lights fiasco even worse than we thought

The El Paso Times did a nice, balanced look at the Shawver Park holiday lights controversy. Because the Times is fair and balanced, they just laid out the facts without connecting the dots (™ Martin) about just how bad City … Continue reading

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